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Property Mediation

The combination of the economic crisis and buyer’s changing habits lead to an increase of the difficulty to sell property. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt strategies to achieve quick sales at optimum prices.

Until the recent past, to sell a property one only needed to put a for-sale sign up in the window and/or hire an estate agent to place a classified ad in the newspaper or hand out a few leaflets. However, nowadays the majority of potential buyers search the internet for properties, as the internet has most, if not all the options available: this has meant that sales’ strategies have had to change.

Our mission is to meet the needs of our clients, who are both landlords, and prospective buyers. For the former we offer the following services: property analysis to identify weak and strong points, identification of the most appropriate commercial strategy, communication, pricing, identification and coordination of potential improvements needed.

For buyers and tenants, we offer our House-Hunting service, which specifies what clients are seeking and finds the properties on the market that most fit their requirements.

Estate agent handing over the keys to a new home

  • Property valuation
  • Property SWOT analysis, with suggestions for renovations and improvements
  • Property marketing and promotion
  • Buyer acquisition
  • Assistance with financial institutions for prospective buyers
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Deed consultancy
  • Rent valuation and advice
  • Property marketing and promotion
  • Tenant acquisition
  • Financial assessment: tenants and guarantors
  • Drawing up of tenancy agreements
  • Contract registration
  • Home Staging consists of techniques that aim to emphasise a property’s strong points and underplay its weak points, thereby making it more attractive, differentiating it from other available properties, and facilitating its swift sale.
    In the employment market, when a company needs a highly specialised professional with experience and specific skill-sets they will turn to a head-hunter to find them.

    In a similar fashion, to meet the demands of buyers and tenants we have created house-hunters.

    In contrast to traditional estate agents, house-hunters work in an extremely focussed range. They “go out on the streets” in their quest for properties that meet our clients’ needs.

    This means it is not necessary to have a vast portfolio of properties, the main focus is on properties that fit the client’s requirements.

    In practice, the aim of a house-hunter is to find the greatest number of suitable properties, with the greatest number of features as requested by the client.