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Technical Services

We offer a range of technical services that complement our other areas of business, however, these are also available individually, and include: property valuations, architectural and engineering management, planning, project management, and property surveys and certification.

We offer valuations for any kind of property, and are in accordance with recognised methods and standards. With our knowledge of the property market, our independence and our technical know-how we are able to offer rigorous and trusted valuations.
  • Property Valuation

  • Valuation of Property Portfolios

  • Tax Valuation Advice
  • Integrated project management offers clients increased project quality and in addition lower costs. It encompasses a global vision of the project as a whole and is a real boon to any investment project.
    We can offer a complete project management service, or we can offer our services as part of a wider team.
  • Complete project management (includes the services below)

  • Architectural coordination, including hiring

  • Project management and coordination, including hiring builders, planning and inspections

  • Licences and planning permission
  • We offer bespoke property inspections and technical expertise, and provide independent and objective technical advice.
  • Property inspections

  • Legal advice

  • Inspections before and after tenant occupation

  • Technical advice

  • Monitoring of provisional and final acceptance
  • Energy certification

  • Noise certification
  • Two architect looking a miniature housing model