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Property management

One of the features of a property investment is the sensitivity the way it is managed, and its success is dependent on a range of factors that, among others, include rental values, vacancy rates, rental deadlines, and maintenance work.

It is only possible to optimise results by consistently and professionally monitoring properties, and this means that our management services allow clients to maximize their income, reduce vacancy rates, receive a fully accounted income with controlled costs, and monitor tenants.

While the majority of property owners have the skills to manage their own properties, many lack the time and availability, and this can result in neglecting their investments, and can lead to long-term vacancies, unfinished maintenance work, unresolved tenant complaints, damages caused by tenants, and stagnant rental values.

WINFIL can give you the opportunity to make your investment a success.

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Condominium Management

Professional condominium management allows property owners more time for their own professional activities, and also means that when problems arise they can be more swiftly resolved.

Rental Management

  • Professional service
  • Clients are freed from administrative activities
  • Reduction in vacancy rates
  • Fully accounted income
  • Tax reminders
  • Regular reports on your investment
  • Online information on your property
  • Rent valuation and advice
  • Property marketing and promotion
  • Tenant acquisition
  • Financial assessment: tenants and guarantors
  • Drawing up of tenancy agreements
  • Contract registration
  • Rent collection
  • Receipt issuing
  • Complaints management
  • Rent renewals and adjustment
  • Rent arrears letters
  • Conflict mediation
  • Certification for service provider transfers (water, electricity, gas)
  • Current account preparation
  • Property inspection and inventory at the start and end of contracts
  • Service STANDARD +
  • Representation at condominium meetings
  • Half-yearly property inspection
  • Insurance management (multi-risk, rent)
  • Legal advice management
  • Payment of taxes and other expenses
  • Payment of condominium fees